Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last month,while at Birch Bay Waterslides, Harry noticed a very dark small mole on Taylor's back. Last Wednesday we headed into the dermatologist to have it checked. The Dr took the mole off right away. Yesterday the Dr called with results. The test show that the mole was not normal and her cells also are affected. Simple Story is that this small dark spot turned out to be CANCER! Boy I hate that word..... Anyway she is scheduled for another surgery in a couple of weeks to make sure that it didn't spread. Please get yourself checked regularly! Good Eyes Mr Edwards on spotting that early.

An Example of the spot on Taylor's back. However hers was a lot darker and smaller.


Heather said...

Ahhhh!!! Scary!!

Linda Johnston said...

WOW! Very scary. We will keep her in our prayers that everything is OK.