Sunday, March 14, 2010

From This To This!!

I got this buffet from a house that I sold! It needed a little work. It only took us about 14 months to do!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

After School Volleyball

Taylor has participated in after school Volleyball for two seasons. She really enjoyed playing the game!

Mariners Fan Fest 2010

Missing his Sissy

Bryson sleeping in his sisters bed while she gone!

Valentine Art

Bryson's Valentine's that he made us at school

Not sure where to start

I have been away from blogging for not better reason than been lazy. I do often think about blogging but quickly be overcome by were to start! So I think that I am just going to start off fresh and maybe post pictures of things that we have done in the last few months later.

Today, Bryson got to meet his very first baseball coach! This has been a long time coming. So at 7.00am this morning Bryson came in and woke me up by asking how much longer until we leave. Our time to meet his coach was 10am. Literally every two minutes he came in and asked me how much longer. Come to find out this afternoon from Harry that he started asking at 1.00am, 4.00am and then finally when Harry got up to get ready at 5.40am this morning, there was Bryson getting ready for baseball. He was so excited to meet Coach Brown and the other members of his team. Practice starts on Monday and he has already informed me that we can not miss any practices or games. Is this a start to something that he will love forever!