Monday, March 30, 2009

Root Canal

Today I had my root canal done. I am terrified of the noise of the drill. The sound whistling around against my teeth just really puts me on edge.

So today for the first time, I had laughing gas. It made very relaxed, floating on the clouds kinda of feeling. I was giggling at points throughout my procedure, my dentist says, "She is laughing through a root canal, Thats perfect"

Will see if I am laughing once the numbness wears off!!!


Kristina said...

Oh I wish laughing gas would work for me. I'm too stressed and I don't breathe it in deep enough. Thanks heavens I've never had a root canal. I'm sorry for you. I hope it is okay when everything wears off.

Diane said...

I love root canals, seriously. And laughing gas is awesome!