Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Book

Last week I ordered this book from I anticipate using this book at Easter time. He has some really neat ideas for Easter projects.

In my rush in ordering I accidentally ordered two books. I am trying to recoup some of the cost and was wondering if anyone wants this book. I paid $14.00 each and willing to sell it for $10.00. Let me know


Place Family said...

Hi Nerell, I'll buy it off of you. Let me know if I am the first to respond. Thanks.

Nerell said...

You are the first to respond. It's yours

Tara said...

It is a great book! We have been using it for the last two years, and I love it. Easter is now about Christ. The bunny actually comes to our house the first day of spring (this friday, can you believe it?) because he knows that Easter is about Christ. We do all the traditional Easter bunny things then and celebrate Easter just about Christ. I LOVE IT!