Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the love of Tennis

I am a HUGE fan of Tennis. Funny for someone that has never played tennis much. As kids we use to attempt to play, but was never that good. So for the last two weeks I have spent many hours watching the Australian Open. Last night alone I stayed up to watch the Mens Final until 4.30am and they still had two sets to go. I would of stayed tuned for the whole game but I had Harry nagging me to go to sleep.

I love to watch Roger Frederer play. I have always liked his passion for the game and he truley is a Champion. Last night he lost to Nadal, in which I think Roger was not even close to playing his best. For that said, I watched the end of the game this afternoon after church and my heart just broke to see Roger so dissapointed in his game and tears of frustration.

Until May I will be there watching you Roger, and in my eyes you are still the best!!!

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