Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where did the last month and a half go!

I was out doing my visiting teaching last week and my companion reminded me that I have not blogged in a while...... so here goes!

This November will ever be a blessed memory for us. After having family in from Nampa for Thanksgiving, they and some wonderful friends joined us at Seattle Temple to witness Harry and I been sealed to our children for all time and enternity. It was a such a wonderful experience. 5 days later Harry's family left and our house somewhat got back to normal(if that is possible at all) It has been busy with Christmas parties, work, and trying to get ready for Christmas. I have had a hard time this year getting ready. I am usually pretty organised with most of the shopping been done the 1st part of December, not this year.

Maybe next year, I will be better ORGANISED!!!!

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