Monday, September 29, 2008

Number THREE Tag

3 Names you go by:

(not necessarily in that order, and I don't prefer one over the

3 Restaurants I love:
-Olive Garden-
-Outback Steakhouse

3 Trips to plan on this year:
-We just got back from Utah/Yellowstone
-A trip to the Seattle Temple to be sealed
-Would love to go home to Australia for Christmas(not sure that will happen)

3 Things you want badly:

I'm obviously very blessed. I have most everything I could ever want! But if I HAD to answer...
-For my bedroom to be finished
-to have my front yard complete(landscaping)

3 People who will do this:

-Surprise me!

3 Pets you have/had:
- Our golden retriever Shasta
- Bryson's fish-(that keep dying)
- Taylor use to have to black guniea pigs

3 Things you did yesterday:
- Went to church
- Had friends over for dinner
- Read

3 Things you ate today:
Well seems it's only 7.36am I just had a bowl of cereal
But last night we had a really yummy taco salad

3 Fears:
- Bats
- My children dying before I do
- Haunted houses

3 Things you plan on doing today:
- Volunteer at Taylor school for a couple of hours
- Work
- Family home evening

3 Things you plan on doing tomorrow:
- Staff meeting at work
- Soccer with the kids
- possible clean the house

3 Favorite Holidays:

-Christmas Season (not just the day)
-4th July

3 Favorite drinks:
-Coke Zero
-Orange juice

Now I tag Becky,Phame & Ros

1 comment:

Ros said...

Awww I miss Olive Garden!!

You are afraid of bats? I was going to do a blog with bats later on today...