Sunday, September 7, 2008

Father's Day

So yesterday was Father's day in Australia. Every year I buy Father's day cards for my dad so I and the kids can send to him in late August for them to arrive in time. (very hard to find father's day cards in August here)

I was talking with my mum on Friday( Sat there) and she gently remindeded me that it was Father's Day tomorrow. I told her I knew and that I would call. So about 10.30 last night after completely forgetting to call my dad all day, jumped on the teley and called Father. Mum answered and said did you forget to call. Yes my response was as she noticed that I had just woken up. Netherless she was not pleased with me and the conversation went on. I felt bad, but was that because my mum made me feel bad or came to realization that my memory does not serve me as well as it use too..


KellyAnne said...

I've done it too-- it's hard to keep track of everything sometimes! But hey, at least you remembered eventually!

Ros said...

I forgot my friend's birthday the other day, and her son told me about it 2 days before.. so I'm not sure what that says about my memory.
I think the important thing is that you remembered to call eventually.